Logo Printing

Any of our Boxes and Cases can be customized with your Logo and Colours. Please make your selection among our range of products and we will prepare some pre-production Samples for you.


Design and OEM Boxes

We can customize our Boxes or work on new Concepts in order to offer you special Box Designs adapted to your Customers and Markets.

Please let us know what type of Boxes or Packaging you are looking for among our range (Paper Boxes, Flocked Boxes, Bare Metal Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Wooden Boxes…etc) and we will assist you to create fantastic Packaging with your Logo or Artwork.

Let us know your requirements and our talented Design Team will come back to you with fresh Ideas and several Design Options.

For more information, please contact us at:


Key Points to create your Own Packaging:

Great products deserve great Packaging. Packaging is the first impression consumer receives from your product.  Good packaging design creates an immediate image to your customer. Many manufactures, advertisers and designers spend a lot of time and effort to create meaningful, eye-catching, fun and clever packaging designs.

When creating a new Box or Packaging, we put ourselves in your customer’s shoes. We try to transmit your desired image to your target buyer.

Does your packaging create immediate interest in your product?
Does it enhance the product’s perceived value?
Does it encourage the customer to purchase it as a gift?

We all want to sell our products, so everything about it should work to increase its attraction for the buyer.

It is critical to understand the crowded environment that your package will be  competing in. Where is it going to be displayed and what will be sitting next to it on the shelf? Make sure the customer’s eyes are drawn to your items before any others.

If you are selling a range of products, make sure that you have a consistent look and feel across all product offerings. Keep in mind that your product range will almost certainly expand – so plan for the future.

On average you only have 4 seconds to catch the shopper’s attention. In that short time, a shopper makes a decision about your product based on perception of attractiveness and perceived value – your packaging choice looms large in that decision.